This year we are excited to announce that we are doing something a bit different for the StayAlert spring campaign. StayALERT would like to offer a StayALERT Safety Scholarship opportunity for campuses at your district. *

We will be opening applications for students, teachers and administrators alike to have the opportunity to be awarded dollars for their district that would go towards combating a safety issue they see as prevalent.

No matter the issue, district stakeholders can propose a solution or means to address a prevalent safety issue, and through completing an application, can have the chance to be awarded dollars to improve distric safety. Additionally, individuals who submit and application and are awarded dollars for their district will recieve a personal Amazon gift card.

StayALERT wants to not only be a means to report safety concerns at your district campuses, but we want to help you combat them!

Simply fill out the StayALERT Safety Scholarship application, submit to admin@stayalert.info, and a selection team will review and announce scholarship recipients in April. Examples of safety initiatives might include:

Invite a guest speaker to share the dangers of teen drug use.

Purchase new anti-bullying curriculum.

Lead a book study on the book “Wonder” – providing a copy for every elementary school student who wishes to participate.

Install new security cameras in 8th grade foyer where multiple reports of harassment, bullying and drug use have been made.

Build a “friendship” bench on the playground. Anytime a student sits there, a teacher or another student would know that person needs a friend.

Take student leadership group to local museum that includes an exhibit on the dangers of teen vaping.

Contact us at admin@stayalert.info or use the Contact StayALERT page on our website.

*This scholarship opportunity is ONLY open to currently participating StayALERT Members. All other entries will not be considered.